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Qingzhou Kangsheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Qingzhou Economic Development Zone, adjacent to National Highway 309 in the south, Jiaoji Railway, and Jiqing Expressway in the north. The geographical environment is superior and the transportation is very convenient.
The company was founded in 1981 and has a history of more than 30 years. It has more than 150 employees, including more than 30 professional and technical personnel. The factory covers an area of ​​more than 50 acres, a construction area of ​​16,300 square meters, fixed assets of 30 million yuan, and an annual output value of 60 million yuan.
The company's main products are high-precision high-pressure oil pump gears, engineering machinery, diesel engines, automobiles, fans and other gears and engineering machinery accessories.
The company has nearly one hundred sets of machining centers, CNC lathes, gear hobbing machines, cylindrical grinders, face grinders, internal grinders, tool grinders, and high-precision flat grinders. Among them are advanced production equipment such as gear grinding machines imported from Germany, YK7236A worm gear grinding machines, and CNC lathes imported from South Korea. At the same time, it has a separate heat treatment workshop, with quenching and tempering production lines, carburizing and quenching production lines, intermediate frequency quenching machine tools and other heat treatment equipment.
The company has advanced inspection and testing equipment and complete testing capabilities. It has a complete metallographic laboratory, with 3004B universal gear measuring machine, 3201 universal tooth shape detector, 4041MAV micro Rockwell hardness tester, PMP spectrometer and other complete gear testing equipment.
The company passed ISO9000-2001 quality system certification in 2003, and passed the advanced management modes such as Caterpillar CPS, 5S management, and the use of APQP quality control tools, so that the company's management mode and quality control reached the leading level in the domestic industry. The company gathers top scientific researchers in the industry to form a research and development team with high-level talents, and continuously develops and innovates in response to market needs, achieving a breakthrough from a single oil pump gear product to multiple products such as loaders, bulldozers, rollers, and graders.
For decades, the company has won the market and customers with excellent product quality and established the first-class image of Kangsheng Gear. Now mainly Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd., Jinan Hydraulic Pump Co., Ltd., Shanxi Changzhi Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Shandong Pengxiang Automobile Co., Ltd., Weichai Transmission Control Technology Co., Ltd., Weifang Forward Gearbox Co., Ltd., and Yantai Yucheng Machinery Co., Ltd., Yantai Mingzhi Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu, Liaoning and other large and medium-sized enterprises.
The company will continue to introduce high-tech talents and research and develop sophisticated products to meet the needs of customers at different levels. We will, as always, adhere to the tenet of "the best quality, you are satisfied, the shortest delivery time, you can rest assured, the best service is your worry-free, the cost-effective you are affordable", to provide customers with quality products and best service.

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The company's main products are high-precision high-pressure oil pump gears, engineering machinery, diesel engines, automobiles, fans and other gears, as well as engineering machinery accessories.



Address: 69 Kangsheng Road, Qingzhou Economic Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province
13853691561  15065696258
Mail: office@qzksjx.cn

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